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Policy Foresight exists to promote more joined-up policymaking by stimulating communication, knowledge and understanding between policymakers, policy delivery partners and stakeholders.

What Our Delegates Say

“ An excellent programme of presentations with a high calibre of speakers ”

- Head of Operations, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service

“ Left the event with lots of useful information and a much better understanding of the subjects discussed ”

- Community Safety Team Leader, South Gloucestershire Council

“ Varied perspectives, authoritative speakers, I liked the mix of operational and strategic perspectives ”

- Head of Community Services, Cambridge City Council

“ Effectively paced, kept participants engaged. Good forum to learn from others and pick up good practice ideas ”

- Fostering Team Manager, Kent County Council

“ Excellent range of speaker with a good mix of case studies, anecdotal examples and research data ”

- Safeguarding Support Worker, New College Durham

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