Tackling Peer-on-Peer Abuse and Harassment in Schools and Colleges

Date:     Wednesday 20th October 2021

Time:     10:00am - 2:30pm

Venue:  ONLINE Live Webinar - Check Your System / Device Compatibility

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In Spring 2021, the Everyone’s Invited website published anonymised testimonials of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment at almost 3,000 schools, lifting the veil on the widespread abuse that children and young people face every day across the UK. This stark reality prompted the Government to undertake a rapid review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges. The Ofsted Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools and Colleges found that 9 out of 10 girls had experienced sexist name calling and 92% of girls had been sent unsolicited explicit pictures or videos. Sadly, this report has not unveiled a new problem, but highlighted that it is so pervasive, it has become ‘normalised’ for children and young people. It is clear that a ‘Whole School Approach’ is needed to foster a culture where rape, sexual assault, harassment and online sexual abuse are identified, addressed and stamped out.

The Ofsted Review set out several recommendations aimed at addressing this pervasive issue, including ensuring that high-quality Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) curriculum is delivered at every school and includes online abuse, sexual harassment and violence, improved training and awareness for teachers to identify peer-on-peer abuse and more effective multi-agency working with Local Safeguarding Partners (LSPs). In response to the Review, Ofsted confirmed that when inspections resume in September, inspectors will assess how schools and colleges are responding to this issue and will ensure adequate provisions are in place to respond to all cases that arise.

However, peer-on-peer sexual abuse and harassment goes beyond the school gates and schools and colleges cannot tackle these issues alone. It is vital that they work in partnership with colleagues in local authorities, social care, the police, health services and the third sector and other key safeguarding teams to stamp out the abuse and harassment that students suffer whether directly or online. This Policy Foresight virtual seminar will examine the findings and recommendations from the recent Ofsted Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools and Colleges and explore how schools and colleges can implement a ‘Whole School Approach’ that better responds to and prevents incidents of abuse. Participants will also explore the vital role that Local Safeguarding Partners play in developing an effective and consistent local response that prevents, addresses and tackles abuse and harassment in every local area.

Why Attend?

  • Live webinar featuring presentations and panel discussions with a wide range of policymakers, experts and key officials
  • Examine the key findings and recommendations from the Ofsted Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools and Colleges
  • Interactive Question Time sessions with opportunities to engage with all speakers
  • Discuss ‘what works’ in protecting students from sexual harassment and abuse in schools and colleges and explore solutions to improve safeguarding procedures and strengthen local partnerships
  • Learn best practice from experts to establish a ‘whole school approach’ that improves reporting, manages incidents more effectively and ensures a victim-centred response
  • Gather knowledge to enhance existing frameworks, procedures, processes and toolkits
  • Share ideas with fellow participants from education, local authorities, social care, police, health, education, criminal justice, third sector and other key statutory agencies
  • On Demand – Exclusive access to speaker presentations, event recording and post-event resources

  • Guidance - Health, safety and wellbeing in schools

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    Introduction by Webinar Organiser


    Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks


    Keynote Session: Peer-on-Peer Abuse and Harassment in Schools and Colleges – The National Picture

  • The National Context – Understanding the nature and scale of the problem
  • Examining the key findings and recommendations of the Ofsted Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools and Colleges
  • Preparing School and College Leaders for inspections that will examine how harassment and abuse is identified, reported and addressed and assess what safeguarding procedures are in place

  • 10:30am

    Keynote Session: Questions and Discussion


    Comfort Break


    Panel Session One:

    Raising Awareness and Improving Safeguarding through Improved Early Intervention Strategies

  • Enhancing awareness and understanding of the different types of harassment and sexual abuse, including online sexual abuse
  • Examining the role of social media in facilitating abuse, both online and offline
  • Improving early intervention – Upskilling staff to be able to identify, intervene and address problematic behaviour and prevent incidents of harassment and abuse from escalating
  • Embedding a Contextual Safeguarding Approach to address abuse happening outside the school gates

  • 11:40am

    Panel Session One: Questions and Discussion


    Comfort Break


    Panel Session Two:

    Implementing a Proactive ‘Whole School Approach’ to Tackle Abuse and Harassment

  • Confronting and Challenging the normalisation of sexual harassment and violence – fostering a zero-tolerance culture on peer abuse
  • Delivering high-quality Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) that reflects reality and incorporates key issues facing children and young people, including healthy relationships and consent
  • Tackling barriers to reporting and ensuring support services work with under-represented groups within the student population at risk from harassment and abuse
  • Improved interventions – Ensuring a consistent and effective response when incidents of abuse and harassment occur

  • 12:55pm

    Panel Session Two: Questions and Discussion


    Comfort Break


    Panel Session Three:

    Embedding a Joined-Up Approach in Every Area to Protect Victims and End Abuse

  • Strengthening joint-working between Local Safeguarding Partners (LSPs)
  • Outside the school gates – Understanding the role of partners when abuse takes place in the local community
  • Improving data sharing between schools, local authorities and other multi-agency partners to ensure the local response is based on need and risk
  • Working with the Police to ensure a victim-centred response at all stages of investigation

  • 2:05pm

    Panel Session Three: Questions and Discussion


    Final Questions and Chair's Summary & Closing Comments


    End of Online Seminar

    *Please note the programme and timings are subject to slight alteration without notice

    Department for Education

    Michael Bell, Assistant Deputy Director - Teacher Regulation, School Safeguarding and Safety Team, Department for Education

    NPCCMerseyside Police

    DCC Ian Critchley, NPCC Lead for Child Protection, Merseyside Police


    Michele Lawrence, Head of Safeguarding, Office for Health improvement and Disparities


    Sandra Robinson, Peer-on-Peer Abuse Helpline Manager, NSPCC


    Jon Brown, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Barnardo’s


    Rebecca Bromley-Woods, Education Lead, Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit

    David Gilbride, Victim Champion, Greater Manchester Violent Crime Reduction Unit

    Durham University

    Dr Jenny Lloyd, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Contextual Safeguarding Team, Durham University

    Grace Academy

    Dawn Russell, Assistant Principal for Safeguarding, Grace Academy Solihull

    Sex Education Forum

    Lucy Emmerson, Chief Executive, Sex Education Forum


    Will Gardner OBE, Chief Executive, ChildNet International


    Dr Amanda Carr, Senior Associate, TONIC

    • Head Teachers & Deputy Head Teachers
    • Principals & Vice-Principals
    • School Governors
    • Heads of School Counselling Service
    • PSHE/RSHE Leads
    • Heads of Teaching and Learning
    • CAMHS Practitioners
    • Mental Health Leads
    • Pupil Mental Health & Wellbeing Managers
    • School Nurses
    • Heads of Child Safeguarding
    • Safeguarding Managers
    • Safeguarding Officers & Advisers
    • Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards
    • Directors of Children’s Services
    • Heads of Children’s Services
    • Children’s Services Managers
    • Heads of Children’s Social Care
    • Social Workers
    • Police Authorities
    • Police & Crime Commissioners
    • Police Youth Engagement Officers
    • Youth Inclusion & Support Panel Members
    • Early Intervention & Prevention Teams
    • Pupil Referral Units
    • Local Education Authorities
    • Local Authority Officers & Councillors
    • Voluntary & Community Organisations
    • Public Health Teams
    • NHS Health Workers
    • NHS Trusts
    • Academics & Researchers

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