Taking Action on Obesity in Every Community

Date:     Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Time:     12:00pm - 4:10pm

Venue:  ONLINE Live Webinar

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In the ten years since the seminal Marmot Review, health inequalities have widened and improvements to life expectancy have not only stalled, but declined for the poorest in society. These inequalities have been brought into sharp focus during COVID-19 with BAME communities and deprived groups disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. With the NHS acknowledging that “COVID-19 has shone harsh light on some of the health and wider inequalities that persist in our society”, Policy Foresight is holding a series of timely live webinars to examine the response and recovery to COVID-19.

Almost two-thirds of adults in England are living with significant excess weight, with the prevalence of obesity highest amongst the most deprived communities. Public Health England evidence confirms that being overweight remains one of the biggest risk factors of ill-health, hospitalisation or death. Furthermore, the World Bank released a comprehensive study of global data in August 2020, which shows that obesity increases the risk of death from COVID-19 by nearly 50% and could make any potential vaccine less effective.

Recognising the need to take urgent action, the Department for Health and Social Care launched an ambitious Tackling Obesity Strategy. To deliver this both nationally and locally, the government will expand specialist support and healthy weight management services, encourage healthier food choices, restrict high fat, sugar and salt food (HFSS) promotions and ban their advertisement before 9pm as well as rollout the Better Health campaign to encourage behaviour change on a population level.

This timely Policy Foresight live webinar provides an important platform for key partners from the NHS, local authorities, public health, third sector and other statutory agencies to examine the government’s Obesity Strategy and explore innovative solutions to tackle obesity, promote preventative measures and empower people to live healthier lives.

Key Discussion Themes:

  • Ten years on from the Marmot Review: Understanding the current scale of health inequalities after COVID-19
  • Examining the government’s Tackling Obesity Strategy to reduce excess weight and obesity nationally
  • Raising awareness, promoting wellbeing and reducing excess weight: Exploring the new Better Health campaign
  • Providing effective patient engagement and inventions for those most at-risk
  • Improving prevention and weight management programs to maximise impact and tackle barriers to making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Developing culturally responsive strategic plans and services that take into account existing local inequalities
  • Data sharing and Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs): Understanding and responding better to the needs of local communities
  • Implementing a comprehensive ‘Whole Systems Approach to Obesity’: Enhancing partnership working between the NHS, clinical commissioning boards, public health, local authorities and private and voluntary sector organisations to tackle the causes of obesity
  • Explore best practice and innovative solutions to reduce obesity

Resource - February 2020: Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 Years On

Resource - 27th July 2020: Tackling Obesity: Government Strategy

Latest News - 25th July 2019: Health matters: whole systems approach to obesity

Latest News - 27th July 2020: Major new campaign encourages millions to lose weight and cut COVID-19 risk

Latest News - 7th September 2020: New voluntary calorie guidelines to help industry tackle obesity


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*Please note the programme and timings are subject to slight alteration without notice


Harriet Becher, Deputy Director, Obesity, Food and Nutrition, Department of Health and Social Care

Hertfordshire CC

Jim McManus, Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire County Council; Vice President, Association of Directors of Public Health UK; Chair, Whole Systems Approach to Obesity Advisory Group, Public Health England

King's Fund

Jonathon Holmes, Policy Advisor, The King’s Fund


Dr Adrian Brown PhD RD, NIHR Lecturer/Research Fellow in Nutrition & Dietetics, Centre for Obesity Research, University College London; Honorary Academic, Public Health England

Leeds UniObesity UK

Dr Stuart W. Flint, Associate Professor in the Psychology of Obesity, University of Leeds; Honorary Academic, Public Health England; Director, Obesity UK

Food Active

Nicola Calder, Project Manager, Food Active

Can Do Health & Care

Susannah Howard, Integrated Care System Programme Director, Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System


Matthew Scott, Director, TONIC

  • Local Authority Officers & Councillors
  • Central Government Departments & Agencies
  • Heads and Deputy Heads of Public Health
  • Public Health Practitioners
  • Public Health Engagement Teams
  • Health Improvement Leads
  • Obesity Practitioners
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Diabetes Leads
  • NHS Health Workers
  • General Practitioners
  • Clinical Directors & Deputy Clinical Directors
  • Clinical Leads
  • Heads & Deputy Heads of Commissioning
  • NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Commissioning & Partnership Managers
  • Commissioning Support Units
  • Directors & Deputy Directors of Integrated Care Systems
  • Continuing Care Managers
  • Members of Health and Wellbeing Boards
  • Social Prescribing Link Workers
  • Local Healthwatch Teams
  • Sport & Leisure Officers
  • Drug & Alcohol Action Teams
  • Early Intervention & Prevention Teams
  • Heads of Social Care Services
  • Diversity & Equality Officers
  • Voluntary & Community Organisations
  • Academics & Researchers

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