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Accelerating the Rollout of T Levels: Lessons Learned from Year One

Date:     Thursday 17th June 2021

Time:     10:00am - 2:40pm

Venue:  ONLINE Live Conference

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In September 2020, the phased introduction of T Levels began for students in England on the first wave of subject areas in Construction, Digital, and Education & Childcare, offering a unique and prestigious technical alternative to A Levels. A further seven T Levels will be introduced in 2021, growing to twenty four T Levels, covering eleven technical routes by 2023.

Despite challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government signalled its clear intention and confidence in the wider rollout of T Levels in the Skills for Jobs White Paper, which was published in January and outlined its aim for it to become the mainstream technical offer that can meet the skills needs of the future. To support its commitment, the Government announced an additional £135m in capital funding for providers delivering T Levels from 2022, in addition to the current £133m in funding for 2020 and 2021 providers. Once the T Level framework is fully operational, it will be backed by an investment of £500m per year. Beyond the policy commitments and funding, in order to underpin the success of T Levels, it is vital to promote awareness amongst students, teachers, parents and employers to ensure there is enough take-up of the courses.

This Policy Foresight live conference offers a timely opportunity for key partners from schools, FE providers, local authorities, awarding bodies, training providers and employers to examine the lessons learned from the first year of T Levels and how to tackle the latest implementation challenges ahead of its wider rollout. The webinar provides a key platform to examine the impact of recent post-16 education reforms and how T Levels will play a central role in transforming technical education and vocational skills for the future. Furthermore, participants will have an invaluable chance to learn from best practice and explore how they can work in partnership to ensure that T Levels deliver high quality technical education that meets the skills needs of the future.

Why Attend?

  • Live webinar featuring presentations and panel discussions with a wide range of policymakers and key officials
  • Explore how to overcome T Level implementation challenges, including how to adapt T Levels during Covid-19
  • Acquire best practice from experts developing and delivering T Levels nationally
  • Interactive Question Time sessions with opportunities to engage with all speakers
  • Gather knowledge to successfully design, develop and deliver T Levels programmes including industry placements
  • Share ideas with fellow participants from further education, employers, industry, awarding bodies, local government and other key statutory agencies
  • On Demand – Exclusive access to speaker presentations, event recording and post-event resources

  • Resource - Introduction of T Levels

    News - 13th January 2021: £135m boost to support T Level students to succeed

    Guidance - 24th February 2021: How to register to deliver T Levels in 2023 to 2024 academic year

    Guidance - 18th March 2021: T Level industry placements delivery guidance

    Guidance - 14th April 2021: T Levels: next steps for providers

    News - 27th May 2021: Cash Boost for T Levels


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    Introduction by Conference Organiser


    Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks


    Keynote Session:

    Learning Lessons from Year One – The National Picture and Looking to the Future

  • Understanding the National Picture – Examining the Reforms to Post-16 Technical Education in the Skills for Jobs White Paper/FE White Paper and the T Levels Action Plan
  • Exploring the Successes and Challenges from the First Wave: Education & Childcare, Construction and Digital
  • Ensuring FE Provision Responds to Local and National Skills Needs after Covid-19
  • Looking to the Future: Preparing for the Wider Rollout of T Levels

  • 10:30am

    Keynote Session: Questions and Discussion


    Comfort Break


    Panel Session One:

    Expanding T Levels – Ensuring Success in Every Area

  • Enhancing Promotion: Expanding the Awareness and Understanding of What T Levels Offer Students, Parents, Providers and Employers
  • Developing Pathways to Success: Creating Clear Progression Routes into Employment, Higher Level Apprenticeships or Higher Education
  • Effectively Using the T Level Transition Programme to Ensure that Students Are Prepared for T Level Study
  • Exploring the Role of Awarding Bodies in Developing and Delivering T Level Qualifications

  • 11:40am

    Panel Session One: Questions and Discussion


    Comfort Break


    Panel Session Two:

    Delivering Outstanding T Levels – Tackling Implementation Challenges

  • Improving Professional Development to Enhance Subject Knowledge, Teaching Skills, and Retention of Staff
  • Driving Student Recruitment through Effective Promotion Strategies
  • Removing Barriers to Study - Ensuring T Levels Work for Every Student including Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Overcoming Geographical Challenges – Ensuring T Level Industry Placements Are Available for Students in Every Area, including in Rural Settings
  • Adapting Your T Level Offer in Response to Covid-19

  • 1:00pm

    Panel Session Two: Questions and Discussion


    Comfort Break


    Panel Session Three:

    Developing and Improving Partnerships Between Employers and T Level Providers

  • Building Relationships with Employers to Deliver High-Quality Placements after Covid-19
  • Working Together to Ensure Learner Success - Helping Students Successfully Secure Industry Placements
  • Embedding Flexibility into Placements to Guarantee They Work for Employers and Students
  • Utilising the National Apprenticeship Service as a Key Support Tool for Employers
  • Improving Links between Local Government, FE Providers and Industry to Shape Local Skills Provision and Local Skills Improvement Plans

  • 2:15pm

    Panel Session Three: Questions and Discussion


    Final Questions and Chair's Summary & Closing Comments


    End of Online Conference

    *Please note the programme and timings are subject to slight alteration without notice


    Sue Lovelock, Director, Professional and Technical Education Directorate, ESFA, Department for Education (DfE)


    Catherine Sezen, Senior Policy Manager, Association of Colleges

    City & Guilds

    Patrick Craven, Director, Policy, Strategic Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement, City & Guilds Group


    Zac Aldridge, Director of Qualifications and Assessment, NCFE (Northern Council for Further Education)


    Cerian Ayres, National Head of Technical Education, Education and Training Foundation

    Iain Thompson, Area Relationship & Development Lead - Yorkshire and Humber, Education and Training Foundation


    Bhavina Bharkhada, Head of Policy and Campaigns, MakeUK - The Manufacturers' Association


    Ray Olive, Assistant Director of People and Organisational Development, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

    Gateshead College

    Kevin Marston, Assistant Principal, Gateshead College (2020 T Level Provider)

    Deborah Wood, Head of Department for Early Years, Gateshead College (2020 T Level Provider)


    Louise Rowley, Vice Principal, Bridgwater and Taunton College (2020 T Level Provider)

    Ben Houlihan, Head of Quality, Teaching and Digital Innovation, Bridgwater and Taunton College (2020 T Level Provider)


    Paul Carter, Assistant Principal, HSDC Colleges (2020 T Level Provider)

    Ashley Grute, Assistant Principal, HSDC Colleges (2020 T Level Provider)


    Paul Kessell-Holland (Chair & Moderator), National Head of Curriculum Design Projects, Education and Training Foundation

    • Representatives from FE Colleges
    • Representatives from Schools
    • Headteachers
    • Deputy Headteachers
    • Local Education Authority Officers
    • Central Government Departments
    • Principals
    • Assistant & Vice Principals
    • Directors of Curriculum
    • Curriculum Managers
    • Directors of Studies
    • Directors of Quality
    • Heads of Vocational Education
    • Quality Assurance Practitioners
    • Standards Leads
    • Further Education Lecturers
    • Heads of Teaching & Learning
    • Registrars & Academic Registrars
    • Heads of Employment & Skills
    • Heads of Work-based Learning
    • Qualifications Managers
    • Teaching & Learning Specialists
    • Business Development Managers
    • Heads of Strategic Partnerships
    • Heads of Career Pathways
    • Strategic Partnership Managers
    • Neighbourhood Co-ordinators
    • Local Authority 14-19 Managers
    • Local Authority 14-19 Officers
    • Key Delivery Partners from Education & Childcare, Construction & Digital Sectors
    • Training Providers
    • Academics & Researchers
    • Industry & Private Sector
    • Awarding Bodies

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